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Appliance Repair Pricing

Appliance Repair Pricing

Our technicians use the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide while pricing and quoting your appliance repair. Generally, our repairs are about 15% below the this guide.

The national price guide, used by thousands of technicians across the United States, ensures customers that they are getting the best possible appliance repair prices. And at ACE, we strive to keep our prices below the national guide.

Does ACE Charge Extra for Appliance Repair on Evenings, Weekends, or Holidays?

We absolutely do not charge extra for any repairs completed on evenings, weekends or holidays. Our technicians are on the road from 8am to 10pm every day for your convenience.

Can't take time off work during the day? We have a full crew of technicians that work second shift just for you! Our technicians will come to your home and give you a complete written diagnosis of the work that needs to be done. And with your approval, more often than not, we'll repair it on the spot. Call us, or schedule online, you'll be happy you did.

Do you have more than one appliance that needs repaired? If so each additional appliance we diagnose will be discounted 50% off our original service call fee. If it's an elite brand your first service call will be $89.99 and all second appliances will be at $59.99. If it is not an elite brand our service call is $69.99 and all other appliances are diagnosed at $39.99.

All central Air conditioners with two or more units at the same home will be charged at $89.99 for the first unit and $59.99 for any additional units.

ACE is Your One-Stop Shop for Appliance Repair!

Our technicians can repair virtually any common household appliance. We are appliance repair experts in washers and dryers, dishwashers, ovens, ranges, refrigerators, freezers, icemakers, central air, garbage disposals, and microwaves. When it comes to appliance repair, nobody does it better than ACE!

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